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Earl wishes Skindog was a reporter

Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned - Watch more free videos

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy Joe's Laughs: The Diceman


Crazy Joe's Conquests

Look at this fucking slut, Crazy Joe Davola got picked up for kicking a guy in the head, and she took him back to her apartment. Joe liked what he saw and ravaged the female. He hates her an 8 on the kibosh scale, and one day hopes to kibosh again with her






Moustache of the Day

Coming Friday: Louis Tully, a 1-on-1 interview

First of all, thanks for all you folks who still visited this site despite 2 months of inactivity. I will let Skip Hooligan officially welcome you back.

I dont have much time today, but coming tomorrow is an interview with your favorite health nut/Brie eater/Keymaster, LOUIS TULLY.

What makes this man tick? Did he get it on with the Gatekeeper? Find that out and more on Friday.

John Parr's Words of Wisdom


Skip Hooligan's Fearless Predictions


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

As an IU fan, Sampson and Greenspan need to go

This is an absolute shame, that the University I love and have a degree from could be realing from facing Major Violations due to Kelvin Sampson being an absolute dumbass. The time is now to send him, and Athletic Director Rick Greenspan packing.

Ever since Bob Knight left, IU has been in a tail spin, first the uber dumbass hiring of Mike Davis by NCAA dimwit Myles Brand, and keeping him for six years as well. Then Greenspan hired Sampson, knowing all the baggage that was brought in. Ridiculous.

Sampson's trademark defense isn't there, and the offense lacks much beyond a one-on-one show, to let Eric Gordon do his thing. Gordon would be better suited to get the ball in his hands and make things happen, not shoot an array of 30 footers.

But, it has come to this. Major Violations, MAJOR! All because Sampson is a dumb shit. This is not what IU or the Big Ten needs which will be facing it's lowest post season tourney bids in a long time. It's time to clean house, and bring back the respectability that has been lost with IU for a long time now.

Monday, February 4, 2008

To us Colts fans, that was almost as good as last year

Don't get me wrong, nothing is better than winning a Super Bowl. SkinDog, Floyd, and I have all witnessed our favorite teams win one in our lifetime, as did Trip with the Bears but he was probably 3 or 4, which means he didn't remember much of it, or any at all. But last night when everything was said and done, and the evil empire was beaten, it was an amazing feeling.

Everyone has there team that is despised the most, whether it be the Cubs, Yankees, Cowboys, Duke basketball, and the Patriots. The Patriots tends to be my most hated rival.

While last year I was happy and jubilient the Colts won, but something was more right this year. I didn't hate the Bears, there isn't much to hate about Lovie Smith and company, I just basically wanted a Colts victory. This year was different, the Pats are hated, hated for good reasons. The cheating, and smugness of the quarterback and coach. The clam headed Red "Sachs" fans and nature of the beast that is New England, it's easy to hate them.

Overall, there is a pep in my step today. It's not the same as winning a Super Bowl, but for some reason, it feels pretty damn good.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Giants fan is a devout idiot.

A New York Giants fan, so excited his team made the Super Bowl, has decided to dye his dog blue for the upcoming game to show support for his Giants. While the article itself isn't funny, with a fake interview with the dog, what kind of fool does this?

Now I can see getting a puppy jersey or something similar but this is taking it really to far. He must be from Jersey....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Al Davis is who We thought He was.

If you look up self controlling idiotic NFL owner most would assume you would find a picture of Jerry Jones, but the fact is you will find a picture of this guy: Al Davis

Turns out Al Davis wants Lane Kiffin to resign as head coach of the Raiders. I guess a 4-12 record with a solid Offense led by the duo of Daunte Culpepper/Josh McCown throwing to the likes of Ronald Curry and Jerry Porter is just not good enough. Apparantly Davis thought Kiffin could perform miracles like walking on water.

According to ESPN is all started when Lane Kiffin wanted to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan; something Davis did not want to happen. Davis had promised Kiffin when he hired him that he would have more control over staff and personnel matters than recent Raiders coaches. Everyone knew that was a bunch of bull.

Now reports are saying that Al Davis wants to hire this guy:

Well next season the Raiders are going to be who we thought they if you want to crown them, crown their asses. The Raiders will be who we thought they would be.

I think Lane Kiffin is going to be a very good coach in this league and to be honest this would be the best thing to happen to him. He should land a better job in the future.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

NFL Playoff Picks

Floyd Hustle is in the lead at 7-1, Skip, SkinDog, and KDoles are 6-2. Trip coming in at 3-5 knows nothing about football and has no shot at winning our Playoff Picks.

New England over San Diego
Green Bay over New York

New England over San Diego
Green Bay over New York

New England over San Diego
Green Bay over New York

KDoles:(Is a cocksucker and has not sent in picks)

Trip:(Has not sent in picks, but can you blame him?)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ok, so we're not sure if Tony Dungy is leaving yet

still no word on Tony Dungy leaving the Colts yet. We called Kirk Herbstreit up and he's gathering details with Les Miles, Bill Martin, Bobby Petrino and Nick Saban, so we're anxiously awaiting details.

stay tuned!

Crazy Joe's Conquests: Kristy Barnes

Kristy Barnes made a big splash with the Bayside wrestling team when she destroyed Valley's Skipper Scalnic to help the Tigers win their dual meet. She also (contrary to popular belief) boned AC Slater repeatedly behind Jessie Spano's back.

But recently, she was conquered by Crazy Joe Davola, who followed up his conquest of a few college skanks last week with a big success story this week.

Check out Kristy's highlights outside of Crazy Joe's darkroom...

Dungy: is he staying or going?

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy is torn between his decision of whether or not to retire or stay with the Indianapolis Colts. The decision will be coming Monday...

We asked Kirk Herbstreit and his factual, er, information to report on the matter and are waiting for him to respond. Since Kirk Herbstreit reports nothing but the truth.

If Tony Dungy does plan on retiring, Assistant Coach Jim Caldwell will take over the reigns as the Colts new head coach.

Stay tuned for more on this matter in the next coming days

900 Wins is quite the feat...

Coach Bob Knight will always have a soft spot in the hearts of many Hoosiers, but he's also a figure you love or hate. His boorish attitude, asshole tactics, make him nearly impossible to like, but you can't deny that he is a remarkable head coach.

His 900th win came with an upset victory of #9 Texas A&M. Knight only being 69 years old could legitimately coach to get nearly 1000 wins, although that could take him roughly 5-6 years unless Texas Tech goes on some unbelieveable win streak in the next 3 years.

Coach Knight, having met the man once in my life, is something I'll never forget. He's just a huge figure, not only in size of the way he carries himself. Although he brings 90% of what comes to him on, most of the things he does now are fairly soft in comparaison to what he did back in the Indiana days. ESPN likes to make things bigger than what they seem anymore.

I'd like to congratulate Coach Knight on his 900th win, just don't turn things over to IU's best passer ever, Pat Knight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Does Rich Rodriguez have something to hide?

And it's probably not millions of dollars either. Trip found this in the Charleston (WV) Gazette, and Rich Rod is up to something. Rodriguez destroyed, player files, and player activities all at West Virginia.

Rodriguez, which bolted before the Fiesta Bowl game was said to be in WV Puskar Center with another member of his staff that moved on, and found this out.

"the staff at the Puskar Center found that most of the files — including all of the player files — that had been stored in Rodriguez’s private office were missing. In addition, all of the players’ strength and conditioning files in the weight room were gone. "

It continues on to what Rodriguez did

"According to the source, the files in Rodriguez’s office that are now missing included everything from records regarding summer camps — financial and otherwise — to data on boosters, recruiting and most everything related to activities within the program during Rodriguez’s seven years at WVU."

"Most disturbing, though, is the absence of all of the players’ personal files, which included, among other things, contact information, scholarship money awarded, class attendance records and records on personal conduct and community service, be it positive or negative. "

Why would Rodriguez do this? I mean does he have something to hide? Is he dirty? These are all questions that probably need answered at some point in time.

It could also be an attempt for West Virginia to get back at Rodriguez for bolting to Ann Arbor as well, and to help get back the four million that Rodriguez owes. Whatever the situation is, something smells fishy in West Virginia.

Why not make Jason Garrett head coach in Dallas?

Jerry Jones talks a big game when it comes to Jason Garrett, but will he pull the trigger?

Sources are reporting that the Baltimore Ravens have offered Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett their head coaching position. Garrett has yet to make a decision, but it is said that he is 60-40 in favor of taking the job.

Now I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan and felt that Wade Phillips was never the long term answer for head coach; Wade only signed a three year deal in Dallas. To be honest I wish that they would have just hired Garrett as head coach last year. Wade did a great job in his first season, but I have never liked his style. There was a reason the Bills fired him even though he had a winning record with them. That being said, it is time for the Cowboys to get rid of Wade and hire Garrett.

How do you fire a guy who goes 13-3 in his first season? Well San Diego fired Marty after a shocking playoff loss and the Chargers went 14-2 last year. I think Jerry Jones needs to fire Wade after this disappointing end to a otherwise great season. Wade is now 0-4 in the playoffs, just getting to the playoffs will not cut it in Dallas. It seems like everyone you talk to is high on Jason Garretts' NFL knowledge and feel that he will make a good coach.

A source close to the Cowboys said that Jerry Jones has communicated to Garrett that he would match the offer made by the Ravens. Money aside, Baltimore offered him a head coaching position....can you match that offer Jerry?

Let's settle this with a poll dammit

Our friends at SI on Campus did us a favor by linking us again, now let's see if we can settle the debate of the better university in Indiana.

1) Indiana-5 national championships in hoops, terrible football program, amazing in soccer, Skip's fiancee is a student, Trip dated a girl from there, Skindog probably bagged about 3 dozen girls from there but isn't telling, campus is too spread out, pretty nice college town, highly regarded Music and Business school, Playboy ranked it top party school, chicks are hot.

2) Purdue-mediocre in hoops, wants to fire the guy who turned their football program around, good in women's basketball (anyone care? I don't), bars within walking distance of campus (Harry's one of best bars in America), "Boiler Up" worst chant or saying in collegiate sports, Skindog probably bagged 4 dozen girls from there but isn't telling, campus is ugly, nice underground hallway system, great engineering program, can leave football games at half to go drink more beer then go back in, chicks are decent (from what I have seen)

3) Notre Dame-solid and storied football program (minus 2007 and Boob Davie years), above average hoops program, beautiful campus, girls are ugly, no frats or sororities, hardly any on-campus drinking, must be smart (or an athlete) to get accepted, East Coast feel in conservative Midwest, best education of any Indiana university, Skinner bagged 5 dozen girls from here but isn't telling anyone.

Alright folks let the voting begin

Wild basketball in Gary

<----To the left is Indiana high school basketball at its best. Now, how bout Hoosier prep hoops at its worst?

Anyone been to Gary, Indiana? Anyone get out alive?

I have been through Gary several times on my way to Chicago, and I am sure to make sure my windows are up, doors are locked and I pretty much speed through it. Gary is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country, with the distinction of being the town with the highest murder rate per capita in the country, but they make up for it with some wild basketball.

On December 26, Gary Wallace beat Bowman Academy 103-99 in overtime, this insane (and probably highly entertaining) game's highlights included:

a) 57 missed free throws

b) 77 fouls

c) 13 players fouling out

d) a player who wore three different numbers

e) a coach thrown out after tossing a chair

Now THATS entertaining hoops, did the teams go to the NBA school for thuggery? And hey Aaron Pineda, how do you write such a small story for such a great game? Can I get some details on the guy who wore three different numbers? What about the play-by-play for the chair throwing incident?

I wish I could get more info on this debacle.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I love SI on Campus, but they are wrong about this....

SI on Campus has been very very good to us here at Friends of Crazy Joe Davola, but they are wrong about this Road Trip though, and we'll tell you why...

The author of the article, says Purdue is the greatest university in Indiana. I disagree, since Purdue is ugly in many ways. While it would seemingly be obviously a biased opinion both ways, but I'm guessing the author isn't a huge IU fan, not that it bothers me, but I wonder if he ever has set foot on IU...

When your best place to watch a game is a run of the mill Buffalo Wild Wings, problem A exists.

When your best pizza is also available in Bloomington (not sure if it is the same company) you have a push...

Your best sports team no one talks about is Women's Golf, there is a reason for it, no one cares...

But this is where the boob author really hits a nerve....

However, with Purdue leading both sports' series records (107-83 basketball,
68-36-6 football), some wonder why Purdue calls it a rivalry. Aren't they
supposed to be a lot closer? Guess not.

First off, how many titles does Purdue have in Men's Basketball? Exactly ZERO. You look back to where most of the wins occurred were before most of our parents were even born. It's crazy, and also their fictional 1932 Helms (WHO?) title...Purdue has one of the worst inferiority complexes out there, there basketball will never be as good as IU and football will never be as good as Notre Dame. So basically you're bred into mediocrity.

Secondly this...

Grand Prix. An annual event that started back in 1958, this 50-mile, 160 lap
go-kart race that happens every April is a lot better than Indiana University's
boring bicycle race. Known as "The Greatest Spectacle in College Racing

If it wasn't for the Little 5, which is more than a bicycle race, Turdue wouldn't have a lame ass go-kart race. I don't see people making a movie about the amazing Go Kart Race either, unlike Breaking Away. Face it Purdue has the biggest loser population on Earth. and there is something else IU has that PU doesn't

These IU hotties....

Yeah, IU has WAY MORE hotter women, do you want to date swine at Turdue? Or chicks like these. Case Closed....IU

Opposed to Purdue females

This Kid Rules

Upset about the Cowboys and Colts losing, you need to have this kid throw you a party. Apparently 500 Aussie's showed up at this thing, and is being fined 20 K because of it

Crazy Joe Davola Photog (Avid Reader: Earl)
Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party - Watch more free videos

Goodbye RCA Dome

Since 1984, the RCA Dome has been the home of the Indianapolis Colts, but of course before rapid commercialization of naming arenas, it was known as the Hoosier Dome. The Dome while being the smallest Pro Football stadium in the NFL, was also one of the loudest there was out there.

Being a season ticket holder along with Floyd Hustle, by god I am going to miss this place. Not the outdated fixtures and the small hallways, but the loud ambiance that it had. The sight lines were great, and while we were stuck the last three years in Section 317, way up in the top. You could see the whole field and the way the sound reverberated throughout the whole stadium. But the bathrooms were packed and crap, hallways were too small, mainly when there were breaks where the concession stands would have lines almost back to the end of the wall.

I have seen a lot of things in the RCA Dome, I saw Jeff George during his rookie year, was lucky enough to see Eric Dickerson play there, lived through the Ron Meyer years as head coach. Saw many of IU and Kentucky games at the Dome, saw a Super Bowl winning season, NCAA playoff games, NCAA Final Fours, watching Damon Bailey on TV his Senior year of High School play at the Dome as well. Watching Floyd and Row 26 break the benches more than one time. The place did it all.

The RCA Dome also led the the basic revival of downtown Indianapolis, it is no longer "Naptown" but a thriving bustling downtown city, complete with crime (see Jamaal Tinsley). And with the Colts being successful it has only helped out immensely to what Indianapolis is.

But next year Lucas Oil Stadium opens. My seats are a little lower, and probably a lot higher. it will not have those unforgiving metal bench seats, it won't have the crowded hallways, and the old small TV screens, it will have everything and more that the RCA Dome didn't have. I can't yet figure out if that is a good or bad thing....I just hope it keeps the noise in like that Dome did.

Bruce Weber is a classless whine-ass

Stick with me before you call me an IU homer. After missing the first five minutes of the IU-Illinois game due to CBS Sports making us watch that fat tub of shit Jared on TV talking about whatever ( I had it on mute) we finally joined the IU game in progress, what the entire game was a defensive struggle and a bad offensive night for both teams.

Illinois played their asses off, they came to play, trying to shrug off Weber's longest losing streak since he has been at Illinois. While Illinois is maybe a guard away from being a pretty good team, they lack a definite scoring punch.

After the game is what gets me, the whole game was physical both ways, and had plenty of jawing each way. Not to mention the games biggest figure, Eric Gordon, while still effective, was limited by the larger, better defender Brian Randle being on him much of the second half. But when everything was said and done, and the game was over, you see Illini assistant Jay Price storm off the floor and Bruce "Cry Baby" Weber shake Sampson's hand then storm off the floor as well.

I mean the last time I looked Bruce Weber is a grown man, doing something that a child would do after he didn't get his allowance. It's pathetic to see a grown man, making thousands at a public university act this way, nevertheless a public figure such as him. It's downright embarrassing to the university and alumni to see a man act so childish towards another peer.

If someone beats me out for a job I wouldn't hold a grudge, that's life folks, things happen. Apparently Bruce Weber has never figured this out in life

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iowa 43 Michigan State 36???

Can someone please tell me how the #6 team in the nation only manages 36 points against the lowly 8-9 Iowa Hawkeyes? What an absolutely pathetic showing by the Spartans, who were preseason favorites to win the Big 10. Drew Neitzel only managed 10 points on 4-14 shooting which is awful, considering Neitzel is supposedly the best player in the Big 10. If the Hoosiers can pull out a W against the Illini tomorrow in Btown that will put them at the top in the Big 10. I have a gut feeling the Mr. Eric Gordon may end up with more points against Illinois than what the Spartans ended up with today against Iowa. Good luck in the NBDL next season suck!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

NFL Divisional Round Predictions

It is time for the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs and just like the regular season Patriots; only one of us went undefeated in the Wild Card Round. Floyd Hustle went 4-0, with Skip, SkinDog, and KDoles coming in at 3-1. Where is Trip? Well Trip must have been on a bye week with Romo and Jessica, because he went 2-2. Maybe Trip will be inspired by the words of Herm Edwards:
Now for the picks:

Floyd Hustle
Green Bay over Seattle
New England over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over San Diego
New York over Dallas

Green Bay over Seattle
New England over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over San Diego
New York over Dallas

Green Bay over Seattle
New England over Jacksonville
San Diego over Indianapolis
Dallas over New York

Green Bay over Seattle
New England over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over San Diego
New York over Dallas

Seattle over Green Bay
New England over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over San Diego
Dallas over New York

Get to know Bob Sanders

The Indianapolis Star has a brilliant piece up on hard hitting Bob Sanders that is worth a read.

To many Colts fans, including me and Floyd Hustle, Sanders remains a favorite of ours and we're lucky to have him wrapped up for 5 more years. Besides take a look at his mug, this fucker looks mean...

Who scores 20 points in a game?

The Saint Louis Bilikens that's who. In a world of fast paced, up-and-down the court style of basketball, Rick Majerus couldn't get his team to score more than Eric Gordon averages a game.

There must have been something else on Rick's mind....

Oral Roberts, an NBA team??

Yes, you heard me right, Oral Roberts is likened to a NBA team. You all must think I am crazy, right? Well not me but IPFW head coach Dane Fife is.

“I told our guys after the game that I was very proud of them, because I am,” IPFW coach Dane Fife said. “Oral Roberts looks like an NBA team, and I think that is what ultimately got us.

That is the direct quote from Dane Fife. Now many of you don't know what IPFW is, and that's fine, but I'm sure a lot of people who regularly don't follow college basketball have a tough enough time knowing who Oral Roberts is as well.

It seems Fife is learning well from protege Mike Davis on his public speaking abilities. I mean he constantly puts his foot in his mouth. Next thing you know he'll be telling his legion of 14 fans that help is on the way, and once he gets his guys in his system he'll be fine.

And there are even IU fans that want this doofus as the next head coach when Kelvin Sampson leaves IU, are people that damn stupid? Look at what Sampson has done, we don't need a IU guy to be competitive anymore in this day of basketball, people need to get off his nuts. He was a mediocre, hustling basketball player.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

$100,000 to can Ty Willingham, I'll pay Notre Dame $50 to hire him back!

A rich wealthy University of Washington law school grad will give a gift of $100,000 if Tyrone Willingham is canned. It must be nice to have that kind of money to throw away. This generous guy will also shell out another hundred grand if the schools AD is also sent out on his can.

Willingham in his third straight losing season at Washington, isn't getting the job done in the powerful Pac-10, and likely has one more year to turn around the program.

Hey while Notre Dame should limp into a 6-6 record next year I am willing to offer Notre Dame a gift of $50 to hire Ty back! Yes, you heard me right folks a BRAND NEW Ulysses S. Grant to come back as coach of Notre Dame. I mean at least he led them to bowl games, something a certain fat coach couldn't do.

Really Notre Dame fans was Ty that bad? Now you have a colossal blimp on the side of your team, and one that could be rushed to Saint Joesph Regional Medical Center any day of the week.

Then we'll hear the fans wake the echo of Rick Meier or Ron Powlus. Seriously Notre Dame, 50 bucks if you hire Ty back, DO IT, I need a tax break.

Meet the 7'7" Pansy

Kenny George is 7'7", Tyler Hansbrough is listed at 6'9"; although it seems to me that George has a good foot on Hansbrough.

How does a guy who is 7'7" play for a crap team like UNC-Ashville? You would think on pure size alone he would get a scholarship to a big name program. Hell Shagari Alleyne (Who?) played for Kentucky and he had to be the worst player ever. I saw him live in the NCAA tournament with Skip and Floyd. We were just shocked at how lost he was on the court. He showed no basketball skills at all.

Anyway, there is no reason that Kenny George should have been dunked on by ANYONE if he had any basketball skills at all. Here is the video of Tyler dunking over Kenny. I HATE North Carolina, but I have to give props to Tyler; extra step or not.

Cowboy fans, what would you rather look at?

So what Tony Romo went on a vacation to Mexico with busty vixen Jessica Simpson, will this affect his game? Who knows, I personally want the Giants to win anyways, but seriously, lets take a look at what Tony Romo could be looking at in both cases:

Practice Field:

Or this:

Personally, I would take a nice set of juggs over a bunch of muscled up dudes any day. But hey that's just me. You know they saying only steers and queers come from Texas

Bruce Weber is an idiot

It doesn't take much for any realistic person to hate Illinois Men's Basketball coach Bruce Weber, the whiny voice, the silver hair, he was an assistant at Purdue, his whiny voice, the orange blazer, I could go on for days. But now that he quickly realized the honeymoon is over, old Brucie is struggling.

With a three game losing streak, Brucie thinks going on the road in the Big Ten may solve some problems. Get real Bruce, tonight they have Wisconsin on the road and then the Illini travel to #10 Indiana on Sunday, and you know Bruce will want this game, badly.

If any of you follow college basketball you know the story behind Eric Gordon, how he shunned Illinois to come to Indiana. Well as much as this IU fan loves seeing him, I can't wait to see him blast an Illinois team, that is looking plain horrid.

With HOME losses to Tennessee State, Miami of Ohio, and Penn State, even a chorus of Boos could be heard scattered across the arena, face facts Bruce, you're not a good coach, you took Bill Self's team and now you've proven to be an inept recruiter and a whiny bastard. Things don't look to good for him.

But since Brucie the saint now has the power of Worldwide Wes, watch out, they will contend again, although not ethically, like Bruce wants. He knows he's done in the Big Ten with the major upgrading in coaching over the last year. But Bruce likes to play ifs and whats as well.

"As Weber noted, without Legion and Jamar Smith, who's redshirting as a result of last year's DUI incident, the Illini are without 'our two best scorers.' "

Jamar Smith shouldn't be playing, he should be in jail, and Alex Legion where do we start with him. Well Bruce, if IU had landed Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley we'd be the #1 team in America as well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

LSU Lady Fan is sucking an "air cock"

Take a look at the ESPN front page and this LSU Fan on the front cover, the chick totally looks like she is sucking an air cock. I mean her jaw is in perfect formation, lips are abound and looks like she is ready to tackle about anything.
Christ, talk about taking a bad photo

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crazy Joe's Conquests: Back with a vengeance

Why are these girls celebrating with a lap dance? Crazy Joe Davola just made their dreams come true by taking them back to his lair and ravaging them.

Congrats girls, you were the start of Davola's renaissance, he is back on the market after a small fling with a woman from Pendant Publishing that didn't end very well.

Look in the coming weeks for more of Crazy Joe's conquests, the guy has game.

After kicking them out so he could get his makeup prepared for a play he is performing in tonight, Davola told me, "I have Kiboshed before, and I will Kibosh again."

Whata legend.

My favorite "The Genital" quotes

Skindog posted a plethora of memorable quotables from Bob Knight yesterday, but he neglected to post my favorite of all time.

Probably not suitable for work, unless you work with The Genital himself.

Turdue enjoys backstabbing their coaches

Has anyone done more for a mediocre program over a substantial period of time than Joe Tiller at Purdue? Now, it seems after years of loyalty and turning around a morbid program, Purdue is planning to move on without Wilfred, I mean Tiller.

According to various reports, Purdue is planning on hiring Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst to coach on the staff and take over when Tiller "retires", which means after he is canned for leading the team to another mid-level bowl. The kicker is that Purdue has neglected to involve Tiller in this process. It's news to Tiller that his successor is being saught after at this point.

Have Purdue fans forgotten when their football program was in worse shape than Indiana's? It's more likely the next coach will take them back to being crappy than leading them to the next level.

Maybe after he is shitcanned Tiller will change his name to Henry Atkins and become this country's next Postmaster General.
And sorry about that diabetes Mr. Tiller.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bob Knight: He Always Keeps You Wanting More

We are all die-hard Indiana Basketball fans and it still kills most of us(minus Trip) to see Bob Knight coaching another team.

Besides coaching, one of the great things about Coach Knight are the classic interviews and press conferences he gives. This past Saturday, Bob decided to bring his grandson to the post game press conference. It is nothing great, but it is still classic Coach Knight.

Here are what ESPN considers to be his Top Ten soundbites.

Those were good, but we like this one a little bit better.(language NSFW)

BREAKING NEWS: June Jones is an idiot

After leading a team that finished undefeated (with big wins over perennial powers Washington and Boise State) to an embarrassing loss in the Sugar Bowl to Georgia, proving they didn't belong with the big boys, Hawaii coach June Jones has accepted the job at Southern Methodist.

Whata moron. Here's why:

1) Why leave Hawaii, let me say that again HAWAII, for SMU? SMU is located in Dallas, known more for teams full of druggies and criminals, along with assassinations. Jones can go 12-0 or 11-1 every year in paradise with skanks in grass skirts abound. The guy is approaching old man age anyway. Living in Hawaii could add a few years to his life, especially if he stays at the Hawaiian Hideaway.

2) Why go to SMU? That shithole program went 1-11 last season and is known best for the "Death Penalty" given to the football team in 1986 that prohibited them from competing for a year, along with other penalties. Wow, Jones chose a real winner there.

3) Why not have a few more seasons of two or fewer losses, then translate that into a job with a real football program? At least one in one of the power conferences and not a member of the powerful Conference USA.

Sanders Gets Another Big Hit: AP Defensive Player of the Year

Bob Sanders has just been nominated the AP Defensive Player of the Year, netting 31 out of a possible 50 first place votes.

Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers came in second place with a distant 3 first place votes.

This is the first time a defensive player from the Colts has received the highest honor for a defensive player in the franchise's storied history.

Great job Bob, keep up the hard hitting!!

I've just got one request, pave the way to the Colts' second straight Super Bowl title!!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

James Hardy forgoes senior year at Indiana, enters NFL Draft

Any team in the NFL need a 6'7" receiver with 4.5 speed and great hands? Well there will be one available come April. James Hardy will forgo his senior year at Indiana and enter the NFL Draft.

Hardy who was primarily going to be a basketball player at IU grew into the best receiver ever at the University, breaking most of the records. Being from Ft. Wayne, I can remember him going to state in basketball, and him being a silky smooth wing player.

He made the right choice, sticking with football. Hardy will likely be a first or second round draft pick. I still would love to see Peyton Manning tossing a deep route to him....

Midseason Report: Big 10

The Big 10 has had an awkward year thus far. Michigan State looked in trouble in the exhibition series, and other teams still have many question marks, but one thing for sure is you can pick where four teams will land, and have no clue about seven of them. Ill give you updated predictions and a look into how we think everything will shake out.

1. Michigan State

Right now they look to be the strong point in the Big 10. A better pre-season schedule and a depth of talent give the nod, although slightly over the Indiana Hoosiers. The guard play will have to come through, but the talent and coaching is there for the Spartans. Should be a lock for the NCAA

2. Indiana

Indiana is an enigma right now, they look really good, then really lost. The talent is there for IU, but they have yet to really be tested in road games or by tough teams. They do have the best inside/out combo in the Big 10 and will be one of the top two teams. Another lock for the NCAA.

3. Wisconsin

They've put themselves out there well enough to distinguish as a potential third place team. A huge road victory against Texas catapults them into possibly a good NCAA run, with another great coaching job by Bo Ryan. Wisconsin will be a lock for the NCAA's.

4. Ohio State

Another team you don't know who will show up. Ohio State may have more raw talent than anyone on the roster, but it may need one more year of sprucing up. Matta should compete this year and return to the NCAA's, but watch out next year, they can be the Big 10 champs again.

5. Minnesota

Call me crazy but I think the veteran play of McKenzie and Coleman will lead them here. Tubby Smith can also coach, and since the Big 10 is really weak, there is a real possibility they can land here in the 5th spot. Could make a run for the NCAA's and be the fifth team to make it.

6/7/8-Purdue, Illinois, Penn State

Take your pick on this one, as I am coping out of a prediction. Purdue is fielding the youngest team in DI, and plays better on the road (still can't win a road game) than at home, and lost to Wofford College. Illinois is flat out terrible, although they have some talent to win a few games here and there. Penn State is, well Penn State. They should win a few they shouldn't and lose some they shouldn't. All three of these teams we think will be fielding NIT teams. And if you have to turn my wrist I predict it the way you see up top.

9. Iowa

Lickliter will get the most out of his team this year. He just needs to get a couple of wins to get this team going. There is no doubt he can coach, Alford just left that cupboard bare. No postseason for the Hawkeyes.

10. Michigan

They're bad, really bad. Beilien will have to wait to get his style players in there. And he needs to keep Manny Harris, he will be a real player for the Wolverines.

11. Northwestern

Good news is Kevin Coble is back, bad news is they are Northwestern.

1st Team All Big Ten

Eric Gordon-Indiana
Drew Neitzel-Michigan State
D.J. White-Indiana
Raymar Morgan-Michigan State
Geary Claxton-Penn State

2nd Team All Big Ten

Manny Harris-Michigan
Jamar Butler-Ohio State
Trevon Hughes-Wisconsin
Brian Butch-Wisconsin
Kosta Koufou-Ohio State

3rd Team All Big Ten

Shaun Pruitt-Illinois
Dan Coleman-Minnesota
Lawrence McKenzie-Minnesota
Jamarcus Ellis-Indiana
Robbie Hummel-Purdue

POY-Eric Gordon-Indiana
COY-Tubby Smith-Minnesota

Cook bores audience for 7 hours

People still have to tell me who Dane Cook was this year, so I finally decided to watch some of his "comedy", boy was that a mistake.

The guy stinks, I've never seen one of his god awful movies, and wonder how a no-talent hack continues to get work. Isn't America great folks??

Anyways the crowd at the Laugh Factory had to have been bored if you could muster seven hours of complete boredom with this guy. I mean I would pay people to watch me make observant comments, it's not that hard. Sal the custodian can do it too.

Why he remains such a popular figure is beyond me...

NFL Wildcard Predictions

It is finally playoff time...

Thats right, PLAYOFFS! Here are our staff picks, feel free to use our picks in Vegas baby...VEGAS

Washington over Seattle
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
New York over Tampa Bay
San Diego over Tennessee

Washington over Seattle
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay over New York
San Diego over Tennessee

Seattle over Washington
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay over New York
San Diego over Tennessee

Seattle over Washington
Pittsburgh over Jacksonville
New York over Tampa Bay
San Diego over Tennessee

Floyd Hustle
Seattle over Washington
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
New York over Tampa Bay
San Diego over Tennessee

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Justin Johnson Show

I am an avid IU fan, along with the four others on this blog, and if you watched the IU/Iowa game last night you have to appreciate what Justin Johnson did in the last two minutes of the game. For those who don't have the Big Ten Network here is what you missed, and I really love the "chuck" from near half court, certainly impressive....

Iowa played their balls out last night, if they play that hard at home against teams, they will certainly upset a few people here and there

I like big hits

Still can't believe I left early and missed this...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lions want to continue to suck

The Detroit Lions fired Mike Martz today as offensive coordinator, not that bothers me in anyway, but with who they replaced him with. Former Purdue coach Jim Colletto. Now anyone that can remember before Wilford Brimley a.k.a Joe Tiller, Purdue sucked.

Even Purdue fans will tell you this, they were downright awful. I mean he didn't have a single winning record against ANY Big 10 team, yet the putzs in Detroit want this man to lead the offense?? Where is the logic at??

I mean IU, I repeat IU, had a winning record against this guy, just to show you how bad he really is. The Lions which started hot, but faded worse than a pair of A.C. Slaters jeans, probably next year will return to laughing stocks of the NFL. Colletto has no business being in charge of the offense of the Lions. Fans better get ready to bitch and moan, it's going to be rough for the Lions

Friends of Davola's Fearless 2008 Predictions!

It's that time of year when people make their New Year's resolutions that last until maybe the first week of February. But here at Friends of Crazy Joe Davola, we want to go in a different direction, because let's be honest, none of us are going to stop drinking beer, eating too much or try to get to the gym on a regular basis (Skip, Floyd and I are engaged, so we have no incentive to anyway).

So here are Skip and I's fearless 2008 predictions:


1. After Indiana wins the National Title in April with a 74-67 victory over Memphis, to no ones surprise the Hoosiers lose a super frosh to the next level, with Brett Finkelmeier declaring for the 2008 NBA Draft.
2. College football adopts a playoff system, but like the bowls, wants to get as many crappy teams as possible involved, similar to Wildcat Youth Baseball. The result is a 102-team tourney spread over two months, with the slogan, "If you win, you're in."

Sadly, Duke still can't qualify.

3. The Chicago Cubs celebrate their last World Series title in 1908 by going 40-122 at newly renamed Jenny Craig Field The Cubs replace the sign at the front of the stadium with the slogan, "Jenny Craig Field, we help you lose weight, while you watch your team lose games."

4. Larry Bird goes on record as saying the Pacers do not have enough character on their team, and thus trades for Zach Randolph, Dale Davis and Lonny Baxter to start for Indiana alongside Jamaal Tinsley and the recently reaquired Ron Artest.

5. The Indianapolis Colts upset the New England Patriots to reach the Super Bowl, with Coach Tony Dungy sitting Peyton Manning in favor of Jim Sorgi because, "Peyton is due for a bad game." Sorgi goes 7-31 for 68 yards and three interceptions in a 34-6 loss to Dallas.

1. SkinDog goes to Gainesville and steals Tim Teboobs' woman, and gets hitched three days later. SkinDog becomes the hottest internet sensation since this.

2. A tornado sweeps through West Lafayette destroying the campus of Purdue. FEMA awards Purdue millions of dollars to rebuild the campus. Purdue hangs a banner since they all think they've won something. Most PU people aren't smart enought to realize it wasn't the lottery jackpot that the money is coming from.

3. Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson and starts dating Estelle Getty, saying he wants a more mature woman. Getty so excited by the news, shits her depends, dies, and is mourned by Lifetime with a continous streak of Golden Girl repeats and the god awful movie with Sly Stallone. Romo then decides to start dating Rue McCallahan, because "she was the naughty one"

4. The NFL decides to rename the Lombardi trophy the Tom Brady trophy, the AFC East, The Tom Brady Division, and the NFL Network the TB Network. In other related news, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the CW all will air 4 straight hours of The Tom Brady Show, starring Tom Brady as Tom, Randy Moss as the Creeper, Wes Welker as DICK, Teddy Bruschi has a limited role as a stroke patient and Bill Belicheck as R.A. Coach (R.A. stands for Raging Asshole). Each week they sit around and watch ESPN and stroke each other off. Sponsorship is said to be at a record high.

5. A new scandal will be brought up at Purdue University as members of the mens basketball team, Chris Kramer, Scott Martin and Rob Hummell are all caught molesting young girls. The girls though were found out to be young sheep. Kramer was said to be heard mumbling "Grass on the field, play ball". Coach Painter obviously distraught says, "We've all done some stupid things, but I commend these boys for at least driving them home" Kramer, Martin and Hummell are suspended for one game each and can no longer wear cotton uniforms because it will further violate the sheep.

New Poll, which Bowl Team didn't merit the Bowl Game they played in?

Everyone hates the BCS and most Bowl Games, that isn't a shock to anyone, but what team was outright overmatched, or not matched up with a team it should have been? Trip and I look at five teams that should have gotten a better bowl or something lesser to have a better match up. You can vote on what team shouldn't have been where they were sent to.

The Overmatched

1. Hawaii Warriors (12-1 Final Record)-Completely overmatched against Georgia, the SEC remains quicker, stronger, and overall better than a run of the mill WAC team that had no business in a BCS bowl game. Colt "The Dolt" Brennan looked horrible against the speed of Georgia's D.

2. Illinois Fighting Illini (9-4 Final Record)-See above, totally outmatched against a vastly stronger USC defense. People say USC should get a chance at a National Title, that is why we should have a damn playoff system.

3. Arkansas Razorbacks (final record 8-5): Spanked by Missouri 38-7 in Cotton Bowl. Even McFadden's new Hummer couldn't help him against the Tigers.

The Undermatched

1. Georgia Bulldogs (final record 11-2): The 'Dogs took out their frustrations on being dissed for title game on hapless Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

2. Missouri Tigers (final record 12-2): proved with a Cotton Bowl rout that the genius computers screwed up again by leaving the Tigers out of the BCS. If Kansas loses big tonight, Missouri has one legit argument.

Voting is on the right side of the page.

Colt Brennan..Next NFL Bust

I have never been sold on Colt Brennan, it's easy to put up some up big numbers when you throw the ball near 40/50 times a game, but last night exposed him as what he is, a fraud. I think he'll be drafted because he has a pretty good arm, but playing against Georgia he looked scared, rattled and like a guy that should be playing at IU, he didn't look like the savior everyone had made him out to be.

Don't get me wrong though Georgia, is one complete good team, most would probably have a bad game against this team, but Hawaii was over matched, BIG TIME, Illinois vs Hawaii would have been a better game to watch probably. This is why the BCS is so fucked up.

Whoever takes Brennan, and it will likely be late probably won't find him to be the saving grace of an organization at all. He may float around a couple of teams and disappear. I just don't think he has what it takes at the next level to be successful. Although that's why I am not a talent scout either, but putting up huge numbers versus San Diego State and a stellar team like Georgia is why I don't see Colt Brennan being a force in the NFL. That and he looks like a douchebag.

USC cheerleaders are gods gift to men...

I absolutely despise USC football but those cheerleaders are just ridiculous. Enjoy!