Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Colt Brennan..Next NFL Bust

I have never been sold on Colt Brennan, it's easy to put up some up big numbers when you throw the ball near 40/50 times a game, but last night exposed him as what he is, a fraud. I think he'll be drafted because he has a pretty good arm, but playing against Georgia he looked scared, rattled and like a guy that should be playing at IU, he didn't look like the savior everyone had made him out to be.

Don't get me wrong though Georgia, is one complete good team, most would probably have a bad game against this team, but Hawaii was over matched, BIG TIME, Illinois vs Hawaii would have been a better game to watch probably. This is why the BCS is so fucked up.

Whoever takes Brennan, and it will likely be late probably won't find him to be the saving grace of an organization at all. He may float around a couple of teams and disappear. I just don't think he has what it takes at the next level to be successful. Although that's why I am not a talent scout either, but putting up huge numbers versus San Diego State and a stellar team like Georgia is why I don't see Colt Brennan being a force in the NFL. That and he looks like a douchebag.


Brian said...

You may be right because he looked freaked out, but I'd like to see him in front of a real offensive line and with receivers who can do more than run bubble screens and quick outs.

JC said...

I agree with Brian. You have to be somewhat good to throw that many touchdowns.

I've been an advocate of the Ravens drafting Brennan for a while, but now that pass happy Billick is gone, who knows.

Skip Hooligan said...
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Skip Hooligan said...

He has a good arm, but when you throw just about every down you're bound to score a few TD's. If I shoot 50 free throws, chances are I might make a couple.