Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wild basketball in Gary

<----To the left is Indiana high school basketball at its best. Now, how bout Hoosier prep hoops at its worst?

Anyone been to Gary, Indiana? Anyone get out alive?

I have been through Gary several times on my way to Chicago, and I am sure to make sure my windows are up, doors are locked and I pretty much speed through it. Gary is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country, with the distinction of being the town with the highest murder rate per capita in the country, but they make up for it with some wild basketball.

On December 26, Gary Wallace beat Bowman Academy 103-99 in overtime, this insane (and probably highly entertaining) game's highlights included:

a) 57 missed free throws

b) 77 fouls

c) 13 players fouling out

d) a player who wore three different numbers

e) a coach thrown out after tossing a chair

Now THATS entertaining hoops, did the teams go to the NBA school for thuggery? And hey Aaron Pineda, how do you write such a small story for such a great game? Can I get some details on the guy who wore three different numbers? What about the play-by-play for the chair throwing incident?

I wish I could get more info on this debacle.

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Dave Yaros said...

I have been to Gary, and did in fact get out alive. I also happen to be an alumnus of Gary Wallace; GO HORNETS!

Gary has a rich history. It is not all bad. For an "insider's perspective" of the "Steel City" Permit me to call your attention to a web site which provides extensive information on the

Ethnic diversity
Past & Present People/Places/Events

of the "Steel City," Gary, Indiana. Of course U.S. Steel is covered, particularly the "World's Largest Plate Mill," the 210 inch Plate Mill. The site gives a thorough and understandable explanation of how steel is made. It also details the tragic story of the 1981 murder of Gary Police Lt. George Yaros. The web site has many photos and does permits users to contibute/participate in a blog.

The web site is Dave's Den

The web site url is http://GDYNets.WebNG.com