Friday, January 4, 2008

James Hardy forgoes senior year at Indiana, enters NFL Draft

Any team in the NFL need a 6'7" receiver with 4.5 speed and great hands? Well there will be one available come April. James Hardy will forgo his senior year at Indiana and enter the NFL Draft.

Hardy who was primarily going to be a basketball player at IU grew into the best receiver ever at the University, breaking most of the records. Being from Ft. Wayne, I can remember him going to state in basketball, and him being a silky smooth wing player.

He made the right choice, sticking with football. Hardy will likely be a first or second round draft pick. I still would love to see Peyton Manning tossing a deep route to him....


JC said...

Calbert Cheaney tried to talk him out of this, but Hardy wanted no part of it.

Floyd Hustle said...

As long as he strays away from the domestic violence he should be alright.