Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Poll, which Bowl Team didn't merit the Bowl Game they played in?

Everyone hates the BCS and most Bowl Games, that isn't a shock to anyone, but what team was outright overmatched, or not matched up with a team it should have been? Trip and I look at five teams that should have gotten a better bowl or something lesser to have a better match up. You can vote on what team shouldn't have been where they were sent to.

The Overmatched

1. Hawaii Warriors (12-1 Final Record)-Completely overmatched against Georgia, the SEC remains quicker, stronger, and overall better than a run of the mill WAC team that had no business in a BCS bowl game. Colt "The Dolt" Brennan looked horrible against the speed of Georgia's D.

2. Illinois Fighting Illini (9-4 Final Record)-See above, totally outmatched against a vastly stronger USC defense. People say USC should get a chance at a National Title, that is why we should have a damn playoff system.

3. Arkansas Razorbacks (final record 8-5): Spanked by Missouri 38-7 in Cotton Bowl. Even McFadden's new Hummer couldn't help him against the Tigers.

The Undermatched

1. Georgia Bulldogs (final record 11-2): The 'Dogs took out their frustrations on being dissed for title game on hapless Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

2. Missouri Tigers (final record 12-2): proved with a Cotton Bowl rout that the genius computers screwed up again by leaving the Tigers out of the BCS. If Kansas loses big tonight, Missouri has one legit argument.

Voting is on the right side of the page.

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