Friday, January 11, 2008

Oral Roberts, an NBA team??

Yes, you heard me right, Oral Roberts is likened to a NBA team. You all must think I am crazy, right? Well not me but IPFW head coach Dane Fife is.

“I told our guys after the game that I was very proud of them, because I am,” IPFW coach Dane Fife said. “Oral Roberts looks like an NBA team, and I think that is what ultimately got us.

That is the direct quote from Dane Fife. Now many of you don't know what IPFW is, and that's fine, but I'm sure a lot of people who regularly don't follow college basketball have a tough enough time knowing who Oral Roberts is as well.

It seems Fife is learning well from protege Mike Davis on his public speaking abilities. I mean he constantly puts his foot in his mouth. Next thing you know he'll be telling his legion of 14 fans that help is on the way, and once he gets his guys in his system he'll be fine.

And there are even IU fans that want this doofus as the next head coach when Kelvin Sampson leaves IU, are people that damn stupid? Look at what Sampson has done, we don't need a IU guy to be competitive anymore in this day of basketball, people need to get off his nuts. He was a mediocre, hustling basketball player.

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