Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Turdue enjoys backstabbing their coaches

Has anyone done more for a mediocre program over a substantial period of time than Joe Tiller at Purdue? Now, it seems after years of loyalty and turning around a morbid program, Purdue is planning to move on without Wilfred Brim....um, I mean Tiller.

According to various reports, Purdue is planning on hiring Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst to coach on the staff and take over when Tiller "retires", which means after he is canned for leading the team to another mid-level bowl. The kicker is that Purdue has neglected to involve Tiller in this process. It's news to Tiller that his successor is being saught after at this point.

Have Purdue fans forgotten when their football program was in worse shape than Indiana's? It's more likely the next coach will take them back to being crappy than leading them to the next level.

Maybe after he is shitcanned Tiller will change his name to Henry Atkins and become this country's next Postmaster General.
And sorry about that diabetes Mr. Tiller.

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