Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lions want to continue to suck

The Detroit Lions fired Mike Martz today as offensive coordinator, not that bothers me in anyway, but with who they replaced him with. Former Purdue coach Jim Colletto. Now anyone that can remember before Wilford Brimley a.k.a Joe Tiller, Purdue sucked.

Even Purdue fans will tell you this, they were downright awful. I mean he didn't have a single winning record against ANY Big 10 team, yet the putzs in Detroit want this man to lead the offense?? Where is the logic at??

I mean IU, I repeat IU, had a winning record against this guy, just to show you how bad he really is. The Lions which started hot, but faded worse than a pair of A.C. Slaters jeans, probably next year will return to laughing stocks of the NFL. Colletto has no business being in charge of the offense of the Lions. Fans better get ready to bitch and moan, it's going to be rough for the Lions

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