Sunday, December 9, 2007

Big Ten watch out, Mr. Ethics is doing wrong?

Bruce Weber the saintly Illinois coach that Andy Katz raved about in a crap article earlier this season now has a new "friend" of the program, a man known as Worldwide Wes. Mr. I won't compromise my position on coaching is now looking at getting a wealth of talent, due to the relationship with Illini assistant coach Jerrance Howard and Worldwide Wes.

Wes is responsible for Memphis having Derrick Rose and is tied in with the most powerful people in sports. It's no doubt that when this guy becomes an ambassador of your program, you feel the wealth.

Wes is doing nothing illegal that is known, but it smells bad, real bad. He basically knows everyone in the entertainment and basketball circles and can give you unknown immediate status. Read the GQ article linked above for what this guy does when he courts you.

This puts the Big 10 on notice. The Illini have spent the last couple of years not recruiting well at all, and with the Eric Gordon fiasco, Weber looks to be possibly in some trouble, but with Wes unofficially going to recruit, the Illini will be back. But remember, this lovely quote from Brucie

Simply put, Weber doesn't want to get into the middle-man business of handlers to get to recruits.

Weber, what a phony, I hope him and his whiny voice rot in Champaign-Urbana.

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