Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bruce Weber is an idiot

It doesn't take much for any realistic person to hate Illinois Men's Basketball coach Bruce Weber, the whiny voice, the silver hair, he was an assistant at Purdue, his whiny voice, the orange blazer, I could go on for days. But now that he quickly realized the honeymoon is over, old Brucie is struggling.

With a three game losing streak, Brucie thinks going on the road in the Big Ten may solve some problems. Get real Bruce, tonight they have Wisconsin on the road and then the Illini travel to #10 Indiana on Sunday, and you know Bruce will want this game, badly.

If any of you follow college basketball you know the story behind Eric Gordon, how he shunned Illinois to come to Indiana. Well as much as this IU fan loves seeing him, I can't wait to see him blast an Illinois team, that is looking plain horrid.

With HOME losses to Tennessee State, Miami of Ohio, and Penn State, even a chorus of Boos could be heard scattered across the arena, face facts Bruce, you're not a good coach, you took Bill Self's team and now you've proven to be an inept recruiter and a whiny bastard. Things don't look to good for him.

But since Brucie the saint now has the power of Worldwide Wes, watch out, they will contend again, although not ethically, like Bruce wants. He knows he's done in the Big Ten with the major upgrading in coaching over the last year. But Bruce likes to play ifs and whats as well.

"As Weber noted, without Legion and Jamar Smith, who's redshirting as a result of last year's DUI incident, the Illini are without 'our two best scorers.' "

Jamar Smith shouldn't be playing, he should be in jail, and Alex Legion where do we start with him. Well Bruce, if IU had landed Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley we'd be the #1 team in America as well.

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