Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's settle this with a poll dammit

Our friends at SI on Campus did us a favor by linking us again, now let's see if we can settle the debate of the better university in Indiana.

1) Indiana-5 national championships in hoops, terrible football program, amazing in soccer, Skip's fiancee is a student, Trip dated a girl from there, Skindog probably bagged about 3 dozen girls from there but isn't telling, campus is too spread out, pretty nice college town, highly regarded Music and Business school, Playboy ranked it top party school, chicks are hot.

2) Purdue-mediocre in hoops, wants to fire the guy who turned their football program around, good in women's basketball (anyone care? I don't), bars within walking distance of campus (Harry's one of best bars in America), "Boiler Up" worst chant or saying in collegiate sports, Skindog probably bagged 4 dozen girls from there but isn't telling, campus is ugly, nice underground hallway system, great engineering program, can leave football games at half to go drink more beer then go back in, chicks are decent (from what I have seen)

3) Notre Dame-solid and storied football program (minus 2007 and Boob Davie years), above average hoops program, beautiful campus, girls are ugly, no frats or sororities, hardly any on-campus drinking, must be smart (or an athlete) to get accepted, East Coast feel in conservative Midwest, best education of any Indiana university, Skinner bagged 5 dozen girls from here but isn't telling anyone.

Alright folks let the voting begin

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