Monday, February 4, 2008

To us Colts fans, that was almost as good as last year

Don't get me wrong, nothing is better than winning a Super Bowl. SkinDog, Floyd, and I have all witnessed our favorite teams win one in our lifetime, as did Trip with the Bears but he was probably 3 or 4, which means he didn't remember much of it, or any at all. But last night when everything was said and done, and the evil empire was beaten, it was an amazing feeling.

Everyone has there team that is despised the most, whether it be the Cubs, Yankees, Cowboys, Duke basketball, and the Patriots. The Patriots tends to be my most hated rival.

While last year I was happy and jubilient the Colts won, but something was more right this year. I didn't hate the Bears, there isn't much to hate about Lovie Smith and company, I just basically wanted a Colts victory. This year was different, the Pats are hated, hated for good reasons. The cheating, and smugness of the quarterback and coach. The clam headed Red "Sachs" fans and nature of the beast that is New England, it's easy to hate them.

Overall, there is a pep in my step today. It's not the same as winning a Super Bowl, but for some reason, it feels pretty damn good.

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JC said...

What's your over under on 18-1 chants throughout NFL stadiums next season?