Monday, January 14, 2008

Bruce Weber is a classless whine-ass

Stick with me before you call me an IU homer. After missing the first five minutes of the IU-Illinois game due to CBS Sports making us watch that fat tub of shit Jared on TV talking about whatever ( I had it on mute) we finally joined the IU game in progress, what the entire game was a defensive struggle and a bad offensive night for both teams.

Illinois played their asses off, they came to play, trying to shrug off Weber's longest losing streak since he has been at Illinois. While Illinois is maybe a guard away from being a pretty good team, they lack a definite scoring punch.

After the game is what gets me, the whole game was physical both ways, and had plenty of jawing each way. Not to mention the games biggest figure, Eric Gordon, while still effective, was limited by the larger, better defender Brian Randle being on him much of the second half. But when everything was said and done, and the game was over, you see Illini assistant Jay Price storm off the floor and Bruce "Cry Baby" Weber shake Sampson's hand then storm off the floor as well.

I mean the last time I looked Bruce Weber is a grown man, doing something that a child would do after he didn't get his allowance. It's pathetic to see a grown man, making thousands at a public university act this way, nevertheless a public figure such as him. It's downright embarrassing to the university and alumni to see a man act so childish towards another peer.

If someone beats me out for a job I wouldn't hold a grudge, that's life folks, things happen. Apparently Bruce Weber has never figured this out in life


bigcityballer said...

Yeah he may be all of that. BUT Kelvin Sampson is a rule breaker and a recruit stealer. He should have had the decency to call Weber and tell him that his recruit made contact with him. It is an unwritten rule in the coaching rule. They are all aware of it and only Sampson is comfortable screwing a fellow coach.

Skip Hooligan said...

Then that unwritten rule should apply to Weber, who basically stole Trent Meachum from Dayton. Weber can't have it both ways. Also if it is such an unwritten rule, why does almost every college football coach in America do it, and Notre Dame, and Memphis also hosted Gordon for official visits.


nate said...

Meacham played at Dayton and had to sit a year as a result. Players transfer schools all the time.

What does football have to do with this?