Friday, December 7, 2007

Official Eric Gordon "Man Crush" Page

Since all of us here are IU fans, I can speak only for myself, but when it comes to freshman talk in basketball, most of the time three names are mentioned, Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, O.J. Mustard, and oh yeah Eric Gordon. While nothing against Rose and Beasley who are monsters and good players, I'm not sold on Relish at all. But for some reason it seems Gordon is left out of the discussion at the first onset.

This perturbs me. Gordon is in my estimation the best freshman in the nation and one of the top three guards in the nation. Look at what happened against Tennessee State the other night, IU struggled to gain hold of that team without Gordon. IU will go as Gordon goes this year.

While Gordon will play this weekend with a bruised lower back against heated rival Kentucky, nothing should keep him out of this game. Gordon and IU get help as Jordan Crawford returns from a three game suspension to help shore up the guard position from Monday night's dribble happy Armon Bassett.

Gordon is only averaging 24.3 ppg 2.6 apg and 3.5 rpg while shooting 53% and 50% from three point range. He is a huge reason why IU can make a deep extended run in March.

Only if Sampson can make some phone calls to keep him one more year in Bloomington.

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