Thursday, January 17, 2008

900 Wins is quite the feat...

Coach Bob Knight will always have a soft spot in the hearts of many Hoosiers, but he's also a figure you love or hate. His boorish attitude, asshole tactics, make him nearly impossible to like, but you can't deny that he is a remarkable head coach.

His 900th win came with an upset victory of #9 Texas A&M. Knight only being 69 years old could legitimately coach to get nearly 1000 wins, although that could take him roughly 5-6 years unless Texas Tech goes on some unbelieveable win streak in the next 3 years.

Coach Knight, having met the man once in my life, is something I'll never forget. He's just a huge figure, not only in size of the way he carries himself. Although he brings 90% of what comes to him on, most of the things he does now are fairly soft in comparaison to what he did back in the Indiana days. ESPN likes to make things bigger than what they seem anymore.

I'd like to congratulate Coach Knight on his 900th win, just don't turn things over to IU's best passer ever, Pat Knight.

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