Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet the 7'7" Pansy

Kenny George is 7'7", Tyler Hansbrough is listed at 6'9"; although it seems to me that George has a good foot on Hansbrough.

How does a guy who is 7'7" play for a crap team like UNC-Ashville? You would think on pure size alone he would get a scholarship to a big name program. Hell Shagari Alleyne (Who?) played for Kentucky and he had to be the worst player ever. I saw him live in the NCAA tournament with Skip and Floyd. We were just shocked at how lost he was on the court. He showed no basketball skills at all.

Anyway, there is no reason that Kenny George should have been dunked on by ANYONE if he had any basketball skills at all. Here is the video of Tyler dunking over Kenny. I HATE North Carolina, but I have to give props to Tyler; extra step or not.

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