Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays from Friends of Crazy Joe Davola

It's been a crazy two weeks here at Friends of Crazy Joe Davola, we've been linked in S.I and ESPN, already gotten more hits than ever expected, and no longer have to be under nazi regime.

We'd like you to remember to vote for your favorite Tim Tebow Hottie. Also we'll probably be on a posting hiatus for a while. Most of us will be doing traveling during the holiday season. But don't worry we'll post whenever we get a chance.

Enjoy the bowl games, college basketball, NFL and boobs. And to SkinDog, Trip McFeely, KDoles, Earl, and Floyd Hustle, have a Merry Christmas. To NDub, burn in hell. To all of our readers, Happy Holidays to you and yours. And before we go, a picture for all of you to get you in the Holiday Spirit:


Floyd Hustle said...

I don't know where you keep getting these hottie pics at, but keep'em comin!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you are getting these pics either... but clearly you are a fan of stalking my friend. I'm pretty sure you did not ask her before putting this picture up of her, nor the one where you refer to her and her friends as "slut1" and "slut 2".

Anonymous said...

i'm seriously frusterated. i don't know who you are nor do i know why i CONTINUE to find pictures of myself on your blog. please, it's creeping me out. remove my pictures.