Friday, December 21, 2007

IPFW's S.I.D should know this is not a newspaper

We all went to IPFW, a small crap university in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Anyways they went DI a couple years back and never have smelled success, likely never will (or at least I hope). Anyways they lost a tough ROAD game last night to Kent State. Now since it's a home game for Kent State, you know calls might go their way.

Anyways IPFW's amazing S.I.D writes the stories in the online version, here a capsule of what he said after the loss:

"Then, on the next trip up the floor, a controversial offensive foul was called on IPFW junior forward David Carson, giving the Flashes the ball right back.

That is when Fisher got his layin to go, and seal the 9th win of the season for KSU."

Now I understand being upset about a loss, when your team maybe gets 1 road victory a year, but I doubt the referees were out to intentionally screw IPFW, come on now. Even if the call was "controversial" it was probably the right one, suck it up and say an offensive foul happened. Lets not be one-sided and stupidly blind.

Face facts, IPFW isn't that good, their record should be 2-7 since most teams don't count games against NAIA schools in actual play. I can only hope Ball State beats them for their first win...

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