Friday, December 21, 2007

Duke/UNC having an "ugly off" rivalry?

Seriously, collegiate athletes are picking up some nasty women. First there was the Duke Lacrosse caper, now The Big Lead led us to this UNC Football caper.

Here is a picture of the girl in question, and wow is she a looker, but that's not all, here is we think Nell Carter helping out the cause (go to the second picture). Now you can read the story at The Big Lead, we'll basically mimic what they have to say. But seriously are they just picking up ugly tramps or what?

I mean the Basketball rivalry between UNC-Duke is pretty heated, but is the rivalry for picking up the biggest skank now something that needs to be looked at? Athletes should pulling in some Grade A tail, I don't call this it. Seriously are women THAT bad in that area? I can't wait to see what NC State will come up with now...

Crazy Joe Davola Photog (The Big Lead)

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