Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vote on College Basketballs best freshman!

While freshman seem to be certainly shaping up the landscape of College Basketball this year, which one is truly the best? There can be an arguments for each of the five on the list, and others that did not make the list because of a dislike or we just don't think they're in the same level as the following five.

1. Eric Gordon, Indiana University

The 6'4" 215 pound freshman is the best thing to come to IU since Isiah Thomas. He is not a prototypical guard, but one with muscle. IU's Final Four dreams hinge on Gordon this year. Averaging 24.3 ppg, 3.5 rpg and shooting 53.4 % from the field.

2. Kevin Love, UCLA

The 6'10" 260 pound center looks to be the final piece in building a UCLA championship squad. Love has amazing hands for a big guy, great inside/outside touch and has a big body for rebounding. It's no doubt that I like UCLA to win this year for a reason. Love averages 16.7 ppg and 10.1 rpg.

3. Michael Beasley, Kansas State

Beasley has the most gaudy numbers of all the freshman, but he's a man beast. The 6'10" 235 pound man child is pretty strong for his age, and we think he's got the #1 secured thus far in the draft. Beasley is putting up 25.0 ppg and 14.3 rpg

4. Derrick Rose, Memphis

The heady, quick point guard could also be Memphis' missing piece to make it finally to the Final Four this year. Rose is a bigger point guard, and that helps him out tremendously on the court and fits in well with Calapari's style. Rose averages 15.9 ppg, 4.29 apg and 5.7 rpg

5. Ricky Roe, Western University

This big time recruit from French Lick, Indiana had all the coaches drooling over him, but chose to play for Pete Bell and Western University. There are rumblings about the program being corrupt and cash payments and tractors being funded to Roe and family

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