Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moron Cubs ready to shell out buttload of cash on Fukudome

It was announced late last night that Kosuke Fukudome, the latest Japanese sensation to take his shots in the MLB, will sign with a major league team to play next season. Interested teams include the Padres, Cubs and the White Sox.

Rumblings on Chicago sports radio have the Cubs way in front of every other team as far as the amount of cash they are willing to throw at the 30 year-old outfielder who has a career 192 homers and a .305 batting average over nine seasons with the Chunichi Dragons, which has some great information on its official website. The Cubs are ready to toss 6o million at this guy, allegedly fully 10 million or more than any other team.The Dragons recently won the Japan Series, which makes Fukudome disqualified for playing for the Lovable Losers because he has won something in professional baseball.

That sounds amazing if you hate the Cubs. Sure Fukudome, who White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen called, "a cross between Ichiro and one from the New York Yankees, (Hideki) Matsui," is going to be a solid MLB player, no one that has made the jump from the Pacific that was hyped up any has really stunk, except maybe for Kaz Matsui. But the price is just off the wall. Go ahead and pay it Cubs, you will have no cash to add payroll in late summer if you are in the playoff picture. And wouldnt two mid-level free agents that play the outfield (such as Geoff Jenkins or Aaron Rowand) be a better investment, particularly since you dopes are up for sale?

Oh well, go ahead and spend it Cubbies, I for one love watching you fail.


Anonymous said...

you are a dumb ass piece of shit. the cubs were brilliant in signing fukudome. he is a great overall ball player. you all will see... when the cubs lift the 100yr curse. Dont you dare call the cubbies morons

Anonymous said...

Ha... are you serious... Geoff Jenkins... boy this blog sure looks great doesn't it... I mean going 3 for 3 and a game tying 3-run jack... I'm not sure if Geoff Jenkins could do that... boy oh boy does this blog look stupid right about now

Anonymous said...

you're fucking retarded... Fukudome already has the best start to the season of all the cubs' offense. And by the way... How did you're fucking whitesox do last year? WORSE THAN THE ROYALS??? That's pathetic you should expect even worse this year the white sox made absolutely no off-season additions this year and are stricken with old age with 3/4 of their lineup. Good luck to you and enjoy being anally raped by the cubs again this year in the cross-town series.

Ryan said...

I hate to break it to you Trip, but Fukudome has made very apparent that he is everything that was expected and more. He plays the game perfectly, from his patient approach at the plate, to his intellegence on the basepaths, to his outstanding glove in the field. All you need do is watch him bunt once, and you know that he learned to play the game the way it was meant to be played. Not only has he been a spark plug in the offense, and the perfect man to protect Aramis Ramirez, but his style at the plate seems to have caught on with the rest of the team, who this year has seen the most pitches per plate appearance of any in the majors. Geoff Jenkins and Aaron Rowand are very average players, and would have been ordinary at best trying to fill the role that Fukudome has. As far as this comment goes: "you will have no cash to add payroll in late summer if you are in the playoff picture."; the Cubs may have history of being cheap, but they CERTAINLY do not have any problems when it comes to finances. They have the luxury of being one of baseball's top 5 big market teams; if they need help down the stretch, money will not be the factor to stand in their way of attaining it. But the way that Fukudome has looked so far this year, if that was the last $48 million in the Cubs check book, it would have been worth every penny.

T I said...

FUCK YOU. what are u a sox fan??well for your information MORON we just kicked the shit out of them. We got him to and you guys were gunna waste ure money on him to so what the fuck. 48-29 first in the MLB. can u say tat about the sox?? NO