Monday, December 10, 2007

Some people just aren't very bright

An Indiana newspaper that we are familiar with has a section in the paper called "The Rant," where people write in about their petty problems like traffic, snow and leaf removal and our favorite, Daylight Savings Time. Like it is so damn hard to change your clocks twice a year.

Skip and I get bored during the day sometimes, and we send some rants in. Most are legit, but some are not, for instance, this one...

"A big thank you to the man in the West State Plaza parking lot who ran over my foot while I was loading groceries, then drove away laughing while listening to “No Can Do” by Hall and Oates."

For everyone's information, I made that up. What can I say, I love Hall and Oates. Who knows if whoever put this in is just dumb or saw it as amusing and had to run it. Either way its hilarious.

Here is the video, in honor of such a dynamic duo.

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