Monday, December 10, 2007

Brewers continue to prove they are morons

Well, at least Milwaukee still has the sausage race.

After their first winning season in over 65 years, the Milwaukee Brewers are really making a splash in the free agent market this winter. First, they lost closer Francisco Cordero to the Reds after not wanting to pay him an extra million or two a year. It was a dumb move for a guy that was definitely the best closer on the market, and will surely lead Cincinnati to an NL Central title (shut up Skindog)

But dont worry Milwaukee fans! You have an amazing replacement for Cordero as the Brewers have inked a one-year, $10 million deal for Eric Gagne. Yes, washed-up, always injured, throws barely a 70 mph fastball anymore Eric Gagne. This Eric Gagne had a 6.75 ERA for Boston and lost his control wihile pitching in the late season with the Red Sox.

Whata stupid investment.

When the Reds signed Cordero, Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin said he offered Cordero $42 million over four years, and Cincinnati got him for $46 over the same time period. Melvin said he just couldn't go any higher. Why didnt he use some of that $10 million he gave Gagne to secure a guy that had nearly 50 saves for Milwaukee last season? Thats assinine

Poor Brewers fans, just when the team is starting to look like a long-term contender, your inept front office screws it up as best they can.


Bro said...

Good site. Bad analysis on this one.

Say what you will about Gagne, but his fastball remains, well, fast. It's the location that suffered last season.

10 mil is too high for ANY closer, however, in a one year deal.

Trip McFeely said...

yo bro,

ok i will admit his fastball is still decent, too bad he cant control it anymore.

I am knocking the fact that Milwaukee couldnt shell out a couple more million to keep cordero but signed Gagne to a contract that is at least double what he is really worth.

Thanks for reading the site Bro

Skip Hooligan said...

Thanks for reading bro

I agree 10 million for a closer for one year is ruthless

Thanks and keep coming back

Stephen said...

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Certainly, a one year at 10 million may be steep for a closer, but yet 4 years at 46 million for Cordero would have been a good signing?

In an ideal situation, the Brewers would have a young, effective, cheap arm closing for them. But sadly for the Brewers their is not a Jonathan Papelbon waiting in the minor leagues.

The Brewers needed a closer for 2008, a one year deal for a former Cy Young Pitcher is a pragmatic approach toward improving the Milwaukee bullpen. Turnbow is too inconsistent.

Trip McFeely said...

What is a better investment, a franchise closer for 46 million or Gagne for one year and 10 million.

Granted, if Gagne does not turn out to be good (which he wont be), you are only on the books for one year.

My big beef is the fact that Melvin said he did not have enough money to give Cordero just one or two million more a year, yet has enough to give Gagne 10 million.

Fact is, the Brewers are in trouble if they cant get a replacement for Cordero in their minor league system. Milwaukee won its fair amount of one and two run games a year ago.