Monday, December 10, 2007

Reggie Bush sidelined, fans don't care, advertisers do.

Former sure thing USC tailback Reggie Bush who had more deals before he was even playing in the NFL than most, will be sidelined for the rest of the year. While fans really don't care about the abysmal running back for New Orleans, advertisers that ponied up major cash for this bust right now certainly do.

I mean Bush may have more of a roster than Peyton Manning, look at what we found he endorses:

EA Sports
Diet Pepsi
St. Jude Hospital
NFL Network Spots

Well it may not be that many, but it seems his mug is everywhere and the thing is, what has he done in the NFL to deserve this??

I mean I can cut him on doing a charity spot for St. Jude's, I used to take part in their Math-a-thon to raise money as well, but he's everywhere for no good reason.

Not to say Bush can't be stellar in the NFL, but in year two while first year RB Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch are tearing up the league and Lendale White, Joesph Addai, and Laurence Maroney, amongst others all doing better than Bush thus far.

Next player to probably get these kinds of endorsements is Tim Tebow, he'll probably endorse bras or something cool like that

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