Friday, December 7, 2007

Seriously, Give Doug Gottlieb more chats

Deadspin has up a short couple of questions for ESPN douchebag columnist/analyst Doug Gottlieb that transpired in a chat on ESPN. If you didn't know while at Notre Dame, Gottlieb stole credit cards and charged thousand of dollars on them and then later resurfaced at Oklahoma State, well apparently people from Indiana don't forget easily...

"Mike Indiana: How did your mediocre basketball career prepare you for a mediocre broadcasting career?
Doug Gottlieb: (4:04 PM ET ) So your mediocre life can prepare you for a mediocre afterlife...and by the way, which one of us works for ESPN... hey and next time...when I you say 30 minutes or less....get here on time with my pizza.

John (Notre Dame): Doug, I lost my credit card, where were you last night?

SportsNation Doug Gottlieb: (4:27 PM ET ) Ask your mom.


SportsNation Doug Gottlieb: (4:34 PM ET ) Ten years ago I made a mistake...and payed for it...18 years ago YOU WERE your parents mistake and they are still paying for it."

Now I don't know what is more impressive the questions that Gottlieb chose to answer or the third grade way he answered them. Now I think in 8th grade was the last time I used "Your mom" reference, right around the time Dougie was stealing credit cards. Now you're in front of an audience and already have a knack for being a controversial opinionated analyst and that's all you can come up with?

Come on Doug we expect better from you, certainly the next time there is a chat I hope you are prepared to answer some Skip Hooligan questions.

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