Friday, December 7, 2007

Second Best Freshman in Indiana: Matt Howard

Who? You did hear me right, Butler forward Matt Howard might not be a household name ever nationwide, but if you live in Indiana or saw what he did to Ohio State prized recruit Kosta Koufos in the national broadcast of that game you may know of him. He basically made Koufos look like the lesser ranked recruit coming out of high school.

Not that Howard was a lack luster recruit, he was a Top 100 Rivals guy that had offers from the big boys in Indiana and Purdue, but chose to play for a smaller school, one that is reaching Gonzaga like notoriety.

Butler was unnoticed when the season started, and when I did the college prediction on our other blog knew they had a shot to be this good. Butler could literally have the best record in college basketball this year, beyond Memphis they don't have a strong conference presence. Those two teams could have 30 some wins by the time everything is said and done.

But Howard is the absolute glue for this team. He is a rebounding do everything type of guy that every team wants. It just happens that the best mid-major in the nation has him for the next four years

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