Friday, December 7, 2007

Lincoln maybe bringing back funky car doors

Back in 1993, when most of us were in mourning as the Saved by the Bell gang graduated from Bayside High School and off our TV screens, Lincoln was coming up with weird ass car doors that retract from the bottom of the car.

The idea sort of sputtered out, with the only car being developed with the crazy doors a Mark VIII concept car.

Evidently, there are rumblings that Lincoln could resurrect the idea. I have one big question though, what the hell do you do if your battery goes out in your car? You can't get in or out of the damn thing.

Oh well, it's still cool, so I am calling Lincoln headquarters at (800) 521-4140 to see if the doors can be installed in my Oldsmobile Alero. I am sick of having to open and close the damn things myself.

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