Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Purdue lost to WHO??? Wofford College??

Excuse me while I laugh HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Oh my that felt good. See all of us are rabid IU fans, not the bandwagon, left when Mike Davis was coach guys, but the real thing. Nothing made my night more than seeing the lousy constant spouting off Turdue Boilermakers lose to WOFFORD COLLEGE.

I love it, absolutely love it! This is the best early Christmas present to date. HAHAHA, listening to the Turdue fans gloat was priceless.

"We have the best freshman class in the Nation"

"Chris Kramer will shut down Eric Gordon"

"We will make the NCAA's this year"

"I'd rather have Kramer for four years over Gordon for one"

"Purdue will be better than North Carolina in a couple of years"

"Purdue will compete for a National Title in less than two years"

Folks, I can't make this stuff up, go on to the Purdue Message Boards at ESPN and snoop around, you'll find it. The fact is Turdue will always be a never was in basketball and will always be jealous of the five banners that Indiana has. Purdue cannot compete with IU. I do like Turdue's freshman class of Scott Martin, Rob Hummel, E'twaun Moore, and JuJuan Johnson, I think they will be real competitive for Purdue in the next couple of years. Matt Painter though didn't back up his fine recruiting class this year with anything, as they regressed with a 2 and 3 star recruit.

Now I don't even know anything about Wofford College, so I'll educate you real quick. It was founded in 1854, and is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The mascot is the Terrier.

And another thing is they beat Turdue at Turdue. That is the real kicker


Eric Angevine said...

Ah, we do love the upsets. Though I don't think we're taking quite as much maniacal glee in this one as you guys are. I went to Kansas, so I tend to feel this way about Missouri and Oklahoma.

Trip McFeely said...

I cant wait to see Purdue spin this one into something not quite as embarrassing, even though it is.

Wofford is the fourth smallest school in Division I in terms of enrollment.

Purdue blows.

Eric, keep reading or we will start rooting against the Jayhawks. Ok not really, at least not until they play IU in the national title game. Wouldnt that be grand.

Skip Hooligan said...

Thanks for the comment Eric, you have to understand this would be like Kansas State, saying they will be better than Kansas in basketball the next several years or so. Purdue has a real step-son complex, they know they will never be as good as IU.

Thanks for reading