Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Owens to Simpson: STAY AWAY!

It seems like all I have been posting about is the Dallas Cowboys, but this is too good to pass up.

Turns out Terrell Owens is not a fan of Jessica Simpson:

"Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite -- in this locker room or in Texas Stadium."

Are you serious? Lets blame Jessica Simpson for the teams piss poor performance. NOW I HAVE HEARD EVERYTHING!

He continued:
"With everything that has happened, obviously with the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel she has taken his focus away, other than that, she was high on my list until last week."

"Oh, I got a message for her when we make the playoffs. Just stay tuned."

We can't wait to hear what TO has to say, but who knows maybe Romo will be over Jessica and continue down his list of celebrities to bone. We made a list for Mr. Romo:
1. Megan Fox

2. Sienna Miller

3. Ali Larter

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Trip McFeely said...

The thing is, Skindog bagged all these one night nonetheless!

whata stud