Thursday, December 20, 2007

Former IU player turned hairstylist??

Yes I am shocked reading this as well, but it appears so. Former IU basketball player Larry Richardson completed time at the Paul Mitchell School in Orlando, Florida. Don't believe me? Scroll down to page 5 in the link and you'll see the proof.

Larry was always an enigma for the Hoosiers, it looked like he had a wealth of talent ready to go at any point, but often looked lost out there. But he did hustle his ass off as a player.

Apparently the constant schedule of a "professional athlete" led Richardson to taking some time off and pursuing the hair styling school. Even questions were asked to Larry as well, as he apparently has loved cutting hair since he was 12, has a cosmetology degree, and wants to open up his own hair salon.

We'd like to congratulate Larry on his future endeavours with hair, it's not every day you see a former player go to a Paul Mitchell Hair Salon School

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Trip McFeely said...

You know who will be the first customer for Larry Richardson? Our boy EARL.