Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here is what the Jets should do.

It just keeps going, and going, and going. The spygate stuff won't quit anytime soon with the Jets and Patriots playing this weekend and now complaints that the Jets last year taped the Pats.

Now there probably isn't a shot in hell the Jets are going to win this game, everyone knows this, but the Jets can make this interesting nevertheless.

It's still assumed relations are frosty with both of the coaches and franchises, and what would hurt the Patriots the most, take out their players.

While this would never happen, it's one and maybe the only way the Jets can get even. You feel slighted, abused that the Patriots did this, and what better way to get back at them is to end any chance of a Super Bowl victory for them.

Imagine seeing Brady get his knee broken, or Moss tearing an ACL, or something else bad happening after the Jets hit them hard and celebrate. The fans in New England would revolt, the rest of the NFL would laugh and celebrate.

It's time for the Jets to get revenge, they don't have the tools to match up with the Patriots, instead they need to level the playing field and that means putting a licking on some of their key players.

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