Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where have you been all season?

Is it a surprise to anyone that after T.O. had his worst game of the season he finally runs his mouth? All the media has been on him and the fantastic season he has been having, but he can't handle the spotlight being taken off him for one game. Jason Witten has a career game and T.O. catches just 3 balls for 21 yards in a win against the Lions.

Last weekend former Dallas Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson, now an analyst on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown said he believed former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells deserves credit for the Cowboys 12-1 record. Keyahwan went on to say that Owens needs to stop picking on Bill and his old coaching staff.

Keyshawn loves Bill, so him standing up for Parcells is not surprising. What is surprising is Keyshawn trying to tell someone how to act....Is this not the same guy who wrote a book called, Just Give Me the Damn Ball!

Owens felt like responding to what Keyshawn had to say:

"I challenge him to come down here and take my job. ESPN producers, let him go. I'm probably the reason he's in the booth now. He's going to be a hater and throw me under the bus because he has to defend Bill. He won a Super Bowl and all, but you'd have to check the roster to know he was even on the team."

I thought to myself, Keyshawn won a Super Bowl? Turns out I did have to check the roster.

Owens continued:
"We came out in the same year. He was a first-rounder and I was a third. Go compare our stats. He couldn't come down here now and be a third or fourth receiver on this team. Just compare our stats. It's not a matter of me giving or not giving Bill credit, everybody wants to make a big deal, that this is the team he built. It doesn't matter. ... My thing is give credit to Wade. The difference between Wade and Parcells is this: Parcells, he didn't use me as a playmaker; Wade, he got the staff, and that's what I'm being used as. Plain and simple, without trying to be negative or anything. I'm being used as a playmaker, and as I said, the proof is in the pudding."

Yes, Bill Parcells may have "shopped for the groceries" but Wade Phillips is "cooking the meal."

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