Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Isiah Thomas is a funny guy

New York Knicks coach/sexual harasser/shrewd businessman/people person Isiah Thomas, is golden at comedy. The thing is, he doesn't probably know it!

The troubles of Isiah are well documented, but now fans are taking it out on them and according to coach it's causing the players performance to stink. From the New York Post, and according to longtime season ticket holder Mara Altschuler, Thomas lectured the fans right behind the bench.

According to Altschuler, Thomas said, "We're missing layups because you're booing."

According to Altschuler, Thomas invoked the phrase "Sixth Man," explaining what a crowd should be. Thomas mentioned Indiana and North Carolina as crowds that the Garden should emulate, she said.

It continues even in this comedic gem;

She said Thomas blamed a Quentin Richardson airball on the boos. Thomas could be seen by reporters in the third quarter exchanging words with fans, and did not deny it later.

Now as an IU fan, this pains me, because Thomas was our best player ambassador in the NBA, and I really don't like to think of him as part of the family anymore.

Could the Knicks be intentionally tanking the season to get rid of Isiah? Lets face it, he brought down the Pacers franchise before Bird smartly fired him. The Knicks should do the same.

I don't watch the NBA, and rarely follow it, but there is no denying that the Knicks need a change at the helm.

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