Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey Tony, time to focus on football

Don't get me wrong, Tony Romo is living every straight males dream. Starting QB of an NFL team? Check. Ink a multi-million dollar contract? Check. Date a celebrity starlet? Check, check and CHECK!

I do not care who Tony Romo dates, but as a Cowboys fan I start to care when it hinders his play on the field. Jessica Simpson and the twins were at Texas Stadium this past Sunday to watch the Cowboys take on the Eagles and boy was it ugly.

Who are we kidding, if any of us could bone a different celebrity each month we would be out living our life just like Romo. Why not take full advantage of becoming a star overnight because you never know when it will all end.

Who can blame him though, she is fucking hot...

But this is crunch time in the NFL and the Cowboys are fighting for home-field throughout the playoffs. Right now they are tied for the best record in the NFC with Green Bay, but hold the tie-breaker because of their head-to-head win.

I think it is time for Romo to stop chasing tail until the season is over. I can't take another moment like last year...........

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