Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For the love of God, somebody please injure someone on the Patriots

The USA Today has an article up today about New England's quest for a perfect season. While I would certainly strive to go 16-0, is it worth it if players are hurt? That is something I wonder as a Colts fan, do you substitute sitting Manning and company for a half, so you can have them injury free for most of the playoffs. Well apparently the Pats aren't thinking that way.

"I hope I play every snap," said quarterback Tom Brady of remaining games against the Dolphins and Giants. "That's the most exciting part of my job is playing, not practicing. I know that."

I don't understand this at all, I mean really, does Brady want to play in a 49-7 mop up of Miami with less than five minutes in the fourth quarter, and potentially get a broken leg? Then who takes the blame, Brady or the arrogant head coach? Belicheck is probably going to go for the jugular in the next two games, you can be sure of that.

Brady and Moss are out to break single season records. The team as a whole is out to break the single season win records. This would be the final string in shutting everyone up about the whole spygate issue, and proving that in fact they were the best regular season team ever. But if you don't have everyone healthy, and lose in the playoffs, no one will care.

As a Colts season ticket holder I would be infuriated if Manning played every snap in the next two games that mean absolutely NOTHING to the Colts anymore. They wrapped up the bye and the AFC South title. Why continue to play your horses? You think the Patriots would want to do the same thing, but I guess not....

I would love to see them lose, but more importantly if Brady or Moss and etc. are out their playing their asses off in a blowout, I would to see one of them hurt for the rest of the year. I think that would make about 90% of America's Holidays a little brighter.

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Brian said...

It's nice they are great competitors, but there's a line of diminishing returns. I can see getting the starting unit some snaps every game to stay fresh, but they better hope they go 19-0 with this attitude or the accumulated paybacks will be a real bitch.