Monday, December 17, 2007

Michigan continues streak of hiring coaches that can't win a big game.

Michigan as many of you know, hired Rich Rodriguez from West Virginia. I don't really know or care about the specifics of his contract but for those that do, here you go.

Anyways what Michigan got was another guy that will recruit well, get to some high bowl games, and once again will lose to Ohio State, face it, this guy isn't a big game winner.

Skip, why do you say that though, you may ask....we'll lookie here.

2005-Loss to Virginia Tech at home, ruins potential perfect season. End up Big East Champions

2006-Lost to Louisville and South Florida before they were a flash in the pants this year. Won in a high scoring affair in the Gator Bowl

2007-Once again lost to South Florida, and the biggest bow out of the year, lost to Pittsburgh to RUIN their chances at a BCS Title game appearance. I repeat to PITTSBURGH

I mean he was a coach in the Big East, IU could probably reach a Bowl Game in the Big East, who here still thinks Rutgers is a powerhouse? I'm not going to say he'll make Michigan worse, but I think Michigan struck out with not getting the name they wanted in Miles.

Time will only tell if Rodriguez is the man in Ann Arbor, with his spread offense. But the thing is, most Big 10 defenses are used to seeing a type of this offense, it won't come as a shock to anyone.

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Trip McFeely said...

Rodriguez better make the right choice of adapting to his players at Michigan. He has one of the best young QB's in the country in Ryan Mallett, if he tries to switch to a type of offense he ran at WVU, Michigan is going to struggle for 2-3 years.