Thursday, December 20, 2007

AFC Playoff Picture and Super Bowl Prediction

My friends, the NFL playoffs are right around the corner and the conference that everybody will be paying attention to is the AFC. In fact, why even have the NFC playoffs? They might as well just hand the Vince Lombardi trophy to the winner of the AFC Championship game.

This is how the playoff seedings will look after week 17:

1. New England Patriots
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Cleveland Browns
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Pittsburgh Steelers


San Diego 27 Pittsburgh 13
Jacksonville 28 Cleveland 24

Jacksonville heads to New England and wins a tough, hard fought game, 24-21, to hand New England their first loss of the season.
Indianapolis over San Diego, 31-24, to avenge a loss earlier in the season.

Finally, the matchup that Jacksonville has been craving, a chance to beat their dreaded rivals for their first trip to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, their coach Jack Del Rio melts down along with the defense and ends up falling short for the third time this season, 21-17.

Indy makes their second trip to the Super Bowl in as many years and pulls off the upset against TO and Romo, 27-17, for their second consecutive Super Bowl championship.

That, my friends is how the AFC and the Super Bowl will shake out.


Trip McFeely said...

Why am I not surprised that Floyd's first post would break down how Indy wins the Super Bowl?

Also in the pipeline from Floyd,

1) IU's run to its sixth national title

2) How the Pacers take down the Celtics and Pistons to reach NBA Finals

3) Notre Dame goes 13-0 next season, beginning streak of six straight BCS National Titles

Floyd Hustle said...

The first one is not too far-fetched. IU may possibly get that elusive 6th title this year.

If Tinsley guns down Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Hamilton, Wallace, and few others others, that one could be feasible as well.

13-0 next season........not quite, but 2009, great chance. I may be willing to bet on that one.

Trip McFeely said...

hahahaha, come on FLOYD,

I will give you IU, maybe ND if the stars align, but the PACERS!?!?!

Stupidly funny.

Trip McFeely said...

There is a bigger chance of the entire Pacers roster residing in prison (half of them already should be, gangsta Tinsley in particular), then them beating Boston AND Detroit in the playoffs.

Of course, to beat teams in the playoffs, you have to make the playoffs, which they wont.

What the hell am I doing I am talking NBA, good lord.

SkinDog said...

HAHAHA....Floyd you magnificent bastard! It is about time you post. Unfortunately you are wrong because Romo and the Cowboys would KILL the Colts. Hell the Cowboys beat them last year and they much better this year.

The Colts won't even make it though.

Floyd Hustle said...

Let me break this down for you even further Skindog. Green Bay couldn't even hang with the Cowboys, the Cowboys couldn't hang with the Pats, the Pats are gonna get beat by Jax, the Colts will beat Jax, cause they can't win against the Colts, and because the AFC is so dominant, the 'boys' don't stand a chance.

I bet you they don't even make it past the first round. The Cowboys are falling and I'm sure either Romo the Homo or TO will find some way to screw this season up.