Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Surgeon General Reports: Deep Throating Duke is bad for your health

As a rabid college basketball fan there is nothing like the atmosphere at a true school. When you watch at home you would like someone one with great enthusiasm and detailed analysis of the game at hand and of basketball. Well that is what Dick Vitale was before he became ESPN's #1 sideshow and Duke loving annoying bastard. Now that show will be silenced for a while...

In a letter to fans on ESPN.com, and if any of you have heard Vitale voice sounds like he has had a cold all season, and is rough to say the least. It was determined that Vitale has lesions on his left vocal cord and will need to be removed.

All I can say is aahhhhhh, watching basketball without learning about Duke, Jimmy Pizano's Italian Eatery in the Bronx, the Yankees, Duke, Coach K, the "General" Robert Montgomery Knight, Duke, and other things that never pertain to the game at hand.

I like Vitale, or should say, liked Vitale, I watched a classic rewind of the IU/Kentucky game from 1990 the other week on the Big Ten Network and boy has he changed. It amazed me how resourceful and insightful he was. While he would occasionally go off the mark with a comment here or there, it was mostly based on the game, it made me realize how much I missed the man I grew up hoping he would be announcing the game I wanted to watch.

Though he is still in the eyes of many a great analyst on ESPN, I think not, his schtick has ran it's course, the constant complaining come Selection Sunday, the blow and hand jobs of the Duke Program and whatever else he does to annoy millions of people, will slightly rejoice.

We do wish Dick a healthy recovery, as this does silence one of the former great announcers of the game.

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