Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You meant to tell me F$U cheats? I am SHOCKED!

Say it aint so Bobby! The master of integrity Bobby Bowden and his Florida State football team will lose up to 25 players for its Music City Bowl game against Kentucky, due to a scandal involving an online class. Some could even be suspended into next year.

So Florida State breaks the rules? Wow. In other obvious news, Barry Bonds used steroids, the NBA is boring and terrible basketball and no one cares about hockey in the United States.
The academic cheating scandal involved players from various sports, including nearly 25 football players. Evidently, students were receiving answers to a test in an online class before it was taken.
I am personally surprised that such a straight shooter like Bobby Bowden could be behind such a program. He was quoted as saying, ""We have some players not traveling for one reason and some for another, including those who are ineligible for the bowl because of academic issues.
Translation: Dammit, we got caught. Oh well, we will keep trying.
What's next? U$C being caught cheating? That would be the sign of the apocalypse!

I also find it amusing that on Florida State's website, they have to make it a point that football players graduated, like it is such a monumental occurance at that $hithole university.

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