Friday, December 14, 2007

You don't want Bob Sanders to hit you, seriously...

Or any of the Colts "Hit Squad" who have been laying some pretty big hits on opponents this year. Everyone knows about Bob Sanders who plays with reckless fear, despite only being 5'8". A slew of injuries has hampered Sanders in the past, but (cross my fingers) he has been healthy all this year. Bob Sanders makes up for the size in the way he hits his opponents.

The Colts secondary has improved greatly with their speed being a big asset to them. The Colts D which would roll over from the start, has actually been more of a catalyst for them this year. It all starts with the Colts secondary.

While Booger McFarland was injured before the season started, and Dwight Freeney was lost during the year, the Colts survived, also losing LB Rob Morris for the year and Freddy Keiaho for a time. The secondary has came through, but the secondary isn't putting up impressive numbers.

It's totally a Dungy group," Colts president Bill Polian said. "You won't find many people around the league who would rank these guys, except for Bob, real high in the pecking order because they don't have off-the-chart numbers and they're not spectacular in the way they play. They're not, quote, 'shut-down corners,' or any of that stuff.

"But in terms of the way we play and what we ask them to do, they're by far the best group we've had in the 10 years I've been here."

Just as many of you know Bob Sanders hits hard, how hard...

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