Friday, December 14, 2007

Thirteen Buckeyes to enter draft early, but why is Todd Boeckman?

We understand that some players should jump to go pro early, in Ohio State's case thirteen of them understood the need to. While linebackers James Laurinaitis and Marcus Freeman should have no problem getting their name called, and some other Buckeyes as well, what is Todd Boeckman thinking?

I've watched Ohio State enough this year to know, that in my estimation Boeckman is a tad bit overrated. Most games I saw the offense was Chris "Beanie" Wells oriented and basically he never once threw for over 300 yards in a game.

Not that Boeckman can't make in the NFL, not saying that at all, but with Brennan, Brohm, and others coming out this year, no team will smell Boeckman in the first three plus rounds of the draft.

I understand also the need to get noticed, well you're going to be in the title game displaying yourself on the big stage, and if you have a JaMarcus Russell type game, that will do quite a bit for you, but I think it will be the Beanie Wells show along with the stout OSU defense this year.

Boeckman throwing his name in right now is laughable, he needs to come back. Then head to the show. But Tebow will be better than him anyways next year.

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