Monday, December 10, 2007

Tony Romo legend grows massively

You can't go anywhere without hearing about Tony Romo, in fact you should now have to call him The Great Tony Romo, because he is just that great. I mean he dates hot blondes, is the QB of the Dallas Cowboys, is young, has many years ahead of him.

Whoop-de-fucking-doo. You know those Chuck Norris facts, we're going to need some for this budding legend, called The Great Tony Romo, here are a few

Dallas/Fort Worth is being renamed Tony/Romo to celebrate him.
The Cowboys will rename themselves Romosboys since he is that great.
Tony Romo walked into a bar and immediately every girl left their man for him
Tony Romo single handily threw Atlantis into air after NASA couldn't launch it, that's how good his arm is.
NFL will instate the Tony Romo rule of 13 defenders against Dallas, cause Tony Romo needs a challenge.
Dallas will get their own division next year called NFL Romo, because we can't get enough of Tony Romo.
ABC and ESPN will have a joint venture called Tony Romo Live, and will capture his every move, because the Tony/Romo metro area can't get enough.
Nick Lachey is thinking of changing to a women, cause no man competes with Tony Romo.
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning both said they strive to be as good as Tony Romo, just not sure how.
Tony Romo is already better than Brett Farve, that Farve is being called the next Tony Romo.
The Heisman will be called The Romo from now on, even though Romo didn't play D1 football.

Im sure there are more, but Christ, enough Tony Romo.

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SkinDog said...

HAHA, those are great. Tony Romo is the fucking man and you know it.