Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thad Matta is in a lot of pain, and not due to his teams record.

The Columbus Dispatch has a good article up on the back injury Thad Matta has had to deal with. Anyone that has had back pain knows how debilitating it can be. Basically all you want to do is rest and fuck, well maybe not the latter so much.

The pain is so bad that Matta basically has to drag his right foot when he walks, here is a quick synopsis of everything that has gone wrong with Matta.

-Ruptured disk, which led to surgery on June 14th. Right leg had problems there after.

-Second surgery to help repair right leg problems

-Between the operations Matta "Matta rolled his right ankle and his foot turned black. He had a myelogram, a procedure in which dye is injected into the spine to get a better view, be it by X-ray or CT scan. The myelogram showed that Matta had a choked nerve in his spine, which was causing the numbness in his right foot."

Basically the two nerves in Matta's foot gave out, one from a surgery when he was a kid, the second with the surgeries. Basically Matta has no nerve in his foot left, and they grow around an inch per month, but " In Matta's case, he needs a nerve to grow from his spine down to his calf and shin to regain function in his right foot -- and he's 6 feet 4. Given the rate of nerve growth, and his height, it could take two years."

I couldn't imagine that at all, yet it doesn't slow the man down at all. It must be nice to only have to concentrate on Sophomores and Freshman in high school for recruiting, what a luxury. But we wish Thad a speedy recovery.

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