Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report released today, will anyone care come March?

I remember as a kid playing baseball almost every single day, I would watch the Cubs because that was all I could get on TV at the time, even though I am/was a Reds Fan. I would play every summer probably like most kids did in the 80's.

Then something happened, the strike. I basically lost most interest in baseball if I hadn't already. I became fascinated with basketball, both college and NBA.

Then I watched Ripken and McGwire, started to gain interest back in the game, then lost it again, and now gained it back. I was pissed off that players helped themselves to gain an advantage in baseball.

You know what, when the Mitchell Report is released, it will shock some, maybe a lot of people, but I won't care. I'm basically sick of the steroid talk and scandal.

That's all major media outlets talk about, it's overkill. If you want to solve the problem ban them for life, get rid of the abusers. This society has became a haven for pussies, where is the tough love at? We need to take back the country and the sport that is OUR American past time.

Bud Selig no doubt has done nothing in my mind to make him a great commissioner. The All-Star flops, the no salary cap, moving the Brewers to the NL. I could go on and on. One thing for sure should be certain, when this report gets released all names should be banned for life, no questions about it. Get rid of them, make them pay back their salary to charities, maybe that would curb the abuse by players.

I'll read the list, look for Reds players, shrug my shoulders and go about my day. Come March and April when the NCAA tournaments winds down, I'll still be watching Fox Sports Cincinnati, steroid abusers or not

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