Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jamaal Tinsley: Next sports star death?

I don't like to see people die, but you can't deny that some people are products of where they come from. And Jamaal Tinsley of the Indiana Pacers is going down that shaky road. It was reported from the Indianapolis Star that shots were fired in the middle of downtown Indianapolis at a caravan of Tinsley's cars.

Around 3:40 am, shots were fired at Tinsley's Rolls-Royce, hitting the Indiana Pacers trainer, then Tinsley's brother returned fire at the other vehicles. I remember my dad, a former deputy telling me only bad stuff happens to people out that late into the night. Which furthers why a NBA superstar would be doing something this stupid.

The bar where the escalation begin was Cloud 9 in Indianapolis, we're not sure where this is since I never venture in this area, and that should tell you a little something about the area. Also check out the menu, it looks finger looking good. No one is sure how the fight or confrontation began, but it's nothing new with Tinsley.

Tinsley has also been in connection with the following activities: In a bar fight happening on Feb 6th of this year, also being involved in a strip-club incident in October of last year as well.

Tinsley is nothing short of a thug and has constantly put himself in situations that will have repercussions down the line. It's been a long string of incidents since the late 2006 and I am surprised Larry Bird and company have put up with it this long. You bring on what you start and it looks like Tinsley could be the next sports star to pay for his actions off the court.

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