Friday, December 28, 2007

NFL Flex Scheduling really sucks

I'm a Colts season ticket holder, along with Floyd Hustle. Now I love the 1pm games, I can arrive in Indianapolis (2 hour drive from Ft. Wayne), eat, drink a little, watch the game and be home by 7 on most occasions. 4pm games are a little worse, meaning I would get home around 10 and have to wait around Indy for most of the afternoon. Night games piss me off like no other. Time out, after time out, after time out. It's horrible, you just sit there in the RCA Dome (or any other stadium) and wait for NBC, or ESPN to make some damn money. Games take almost 3:30 to 4 hours and if you want to plunge $200 down on a hotel room, you could cop out there, and I wouldn't have to make the trek home at 1 in the morning.

But noooooo, some of us have to work the next morning, and don't live in the great Indianapolis metro area. So some nights I wouldn't get home until 2, wake up at 6:30 to make it to work on time. It's bullshit. Try sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours doing spreadsheets on four hours of work, it's not fun.

So continuing, the NFL which already had games listed for times that are mostly suitable, decided in their infinite wisdom, to move to Colts game to NBC at 8:15. I cannot stand this at all. It takes forever. The game means nothing to the Colts, but it's the last regular season game at the RCA Dome, so it's a sentimental game for most Colts fans. But why the move? You know some season holder tickets have plans that could force them to have to sell the games due to this stupid flex scheduling rule, it's just too fucking bad NBC would have to show a crap game for one night. The last time I checked football is better that 90% of what is on TV.

The NFL needs to scrap this, if you want big games on at night, you should be able to guess what teams should be somewhat respectable for the next season. It's a shitty move to the 60,000 people that have to rearrange schedules so NBC can be a little happier because 99% of what they broadcast is pure garbage.

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