Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report Part 4: Yankees coach turns in Bear, Bad News ahead

The Mitchell Report that came out today and had a surprising name on the list, but his opposing teams coach wasn't surprised at all.

Yankees Coach Roy Turner turned in the Bears player Kelly Leak, the Harley driving best athlete in the area in for supposed HGH use. Turner a old time coach, said if that was my kid, I would have slapped him.

Leak is stunned by the accusations, so is coach Buttermaker, who took time out of his day of drinking and cleaning pools to console his player. Says no doubt he will be back in the lineup, drinking beer and whiskey. Other players such as Lupas, Engleberg and Tanner, all are shocked, but will stand by Leak, despite his known tenacity for hogging the ball.
Bears and Yankees are scheduled to meet in the Title game

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