Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell: McGriff comes clean, turns in Emanski

Not only did big names such as Miguel Tejada, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte come out of Thursday's release of George Mitchell's report on steroids, several suppliers were named as well.

It was quite a shock to discover that Tom Emanski, the man who has revolutionized baseball for youngsters for years, was implicated.

Those BACK-to-BACK-to-BACK AAU National Championships, the 1987 endorsement from Fred McGriff that is still being shown today, countless paid programs. It's all a farce, as Emanski has been injecting kids with HGH and roids for years.

It's sad but true. You will never be able to watch this amazing commercial with the same viewpoints again...


Luke Halpert said...

Sadly that commercial is impossible to find online. I can't believe nobody has it up.

Trip McFeely said...

I agree Luke, its classic.