Friday, December 21, 2007

Hey CBS, its not 1992 anymore, Michigan sucks now

<---------An actual photo of the state of Michigan basketball. Why the hell is it on TV?

Nothing is better in the sports world than March Madness on CBS, which they do a great job of coverage. But I think they need to realize its not the 1990s anymore.

For the second time in three weeks, the Michigan Wolverines, owners of a 4-7 record this season and zero NCAA Tournament appearances since 1998, are on national television on CBS, this time to take on UCLA on Saturday.

A few weeks ago, Michigan took on Duke as the first game of a doubleheader, with the Blue Devils edging out a win by 28 points.

What the hell is going on CBS? Michigan is no longer a program that anyone cares about, not only around the country, but in the state of Michigan. You may as well air old repeats of Diagnosis Murder in the time slot instead of the game, it will bring in more viewers, especially in the coveted 90-110 year old age demographic.

If you want to put Michigan on television, but them on against a team of their caliber, such as Harvard. Oh wait, Harvard and former coach Tommy Amaker beat the Wolverines. Or how about Central Michigan? Hold on, powerful Michigan lost to them too.

Wake up CBS, how bout showing some teams ppl actually care about and would like to see before March. How about giving Butler some national exposure? Or a couple teams from the Missouri Valley Conference? Or BYU?

I would suggest you could show old highlights of the Fab 5, but in all actuality, those cheating teams technically don't exist either.

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